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if satan is the prince of darkness that makes me the archduke of twilight.


Seemed resonable

So I was sitting here at my computer, eating a box of archway oatmeal rasins and listening to 50's/60's German pop (or as I like to call Dutchland Von Oldies) when I realized that there is no Devil thats just god when hes drunk, but then I asked my computer to say somthing utterly highlarious to disprove this fact and it said ,I kid you not, Rundfunk. So this proves that satan tottaly pwns everyone and German is the funniest languege of all time.




Check out the sweet ass avatar. It is a cow and its dancing!!! Also, anyone may now comment. MAYBE I'll Actualy get one!!! So what's new with j00??/?? Me? well i'm supereb. I kick hidequarters at Lacross-e and I have ... other ....... cool....... rockin'..........things. OKAY tTFN D00ds!!1